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Carpet Store in the heart of Buda

Our company, the KABIRI Ltd. From 1995 to Budapest, in the main circulation of Buda, the XII. Ker. John. 11. Number. The carpet of Kabiri is a 250 m2 floor area with a wide range of rooms available for our customers. On the basis of decades of family-based carpet traditions, we have dealt with the collection of hand-knotted oriental carpets from the middle of the ‘ 80 years ‘. For the nineties, we were so attracted to the prettier-beautiful masterpieces that we made our hobby a commercial activity.

The most favorable, customer-friendly price ranges are the KABIRI Ltd. Sources have been based and ensured for 21 years since then.

With continuous investments we receive the leads and buyers as a guest. The Kabiri carpet store awaits you! Surprise yourself and your loved ones with unique and valuable gifts and products sold with guarantees and advice!

Most of the hand-knotted carpets are chosen and imported from Afghanistan, Pakistan. Our continuously renewable stock of thousands of carpets, from which the Iranian and Turkmen’s masterworks are not lacking, ensures that the visitors of the carpet store find the required quality and size to suit their taste, and The scene.

The Kabiri carpet retail and wholesale market also takes full account of the unique needs of interior architects, designers, retailers and wholesalers, and makes every effort to meet them.

Success and harmony lie in your surroundings too!

About the team

Harvey Spector


Jessica Pearson


Rachel Zain

Marketing Head

Luise Litt

Lead Developer

Katrina Bennett

Intern Designer

Mike Ross

Intern Designer

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