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Carpet Cleaning

Professionalism and Guarantee!

We guarantee quick and professional cleaning of hand-knotted and woven carpets and machine-made mats at a reasonable price. For the convenience of our customers, they are shipped free of charge and returned after cleaning.

In our carpet cleaning technology, the handicrafts acquired in Afghanistan have been combined with cutting-edge, mechanised procedures, based on decades of experience.

With the help of the Kabiri carpet House, unfortunately, in recent years, a number of hand-knotted, uncleaned, semi-or completely ruined, corrugated carpets have been introduced into our shop, which are exclusively due to a unique process been restored.

Why not leave it to chance?

Some non-savvy workshops are not always able to take into account the uniqueness of these handicrafts, so that the carpet can be used for colouring or even which can be adversely affected by the raw material.

We would be overly biparted if we were to propose to clean carpets only in the Kabiri carpet House. But in any case, we advise you to entrust this task to a place where you have a full guarantee of the product, because you are likely to understand their stuff.

The Kabiri carpeted House is fully compensated for any errors that cannot be calculated.

Cleaning with warranty for you!

Preserve the value and beauty of your carpets for many years! Cleaning is not only a dirt, but it also increases the life time of carpets.

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Cleaning with warranty

Repair, restoration

Valuation, Carpet replacement

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