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Frequently Asked Questions

Hand-knotted wool rugs are one-to-one custom carpets. There are two carpets of the same kind, with a maximum similar pattern, but a small mistake, a signature or a mark (deliberately) that evokes the uniqueness of the artist, the carpet maker. This uniqueness is reflected in the size of the carpets. The main material use of hand-knotted carpets is wool, but there is no shortage of beautifully crafted silk carpets.

Machine mats are of general size and come from production lines, mostly made with viscose-based, synthetic fibre, but there are also machine wool carpets. Thanks to modern technology, they are also able to stand in their capacity. They are made with a nice sampler, nice colours, but while hand-knotted carpets are worthproof, they can say a lifetime, unfortunately the machine mats are easier to wear after a while.

The value of hand knotted carpets is determined by several factors. As an example, the density of the knot, the quality of wool, the place of origin, the special properties. In particular, the density of the knot determines how detailed the pattern of the carpet is developed. The quality of the wool is responsible for the finery of the carpet, how pleasant it is to touch. In addition, the price is largely influenced by whether it is a new, novel, or old carpet, the colouring of wool, whether it is vegetable paint or synthetic.

  • The wool as a raw material is very well insulated. That is why it is welcome to wall the wool woven fabrics. On the floor the knotted wool, but both can be used both on the ground and on the wall. In eastern cultures, they are often used as handymen or as insulators instead of “doors” in nomadic lifestyles.
  • One of the main qualities of wool is that it has a natural, costing effect. For example, if you walk with a muddy shoe, it can be easily swept or vacuumed after drying, so it can be cleaned very easily.
  • It is much harder to wear and use. Very durable and flexible carpets.

We sell new carpets (mainly of Afghan origin), old (purified-disinfected) and refurbished carpets. Old carpets are usually included in the facility, which is fully disinfected and cleaned, since it can only be placed in the shop with other carpets. Of course, the price of older carpets is also favorable.

Since there are synthetic and increasingly less plant-stained carpets, the colour difference arises mainly from this, but there may be a difference in colour in a larger band. They are either caused by a lack of wool, so they are replaced with wool of a different color in a band, or intentionally put on a “defect” and use a different color in some places.

The colour fidelity of the imaging equipment and the display of different quality displays, such as a monitor or a phone, is not correct in all cases. There may be shades of variation.

In the case of new carpets, wool fibers may fall, because during the preparation they can remain between the lumps of threads that are stuck, but, depending on the use, this phenomenon gradually ceases to occur within a short period of time. The slippage is a problem for thinner carpets, but it will disappear within a week or two as soon as the carpet picks up the plane and shape of the room. For Kelim Carpets We used to offer anti-slip nets.

In our shop there are thousands of carpets, which are mostly hand-knotted carpets and custom-made pieces, so the administration of carpets requires great care. We do not drive the catalogue, but we constantly upload the products to the website. However, the largest selection can be found in the shop.

Of course we provide this opportunity. By prior arrangement, without obligation!

Dear Customers! Please note that we cannot accept liability for any misspelling on this site. Please check with your courier if you are notified by phone. Our prices can be updated in the meantime, the website data is informative.

Thank you for your understanding.

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