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General terms and Conditions

The seller acknowledges and agrees at the same time with the purchase of the Kabiri carpet House-1122 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 12. • Phone: 06-1/225 0194 • • Tax number: 12074578-2-43 (referred to as seller) terms of service (in short: GTC).

Broadcast reception
A sale and purchase contract is established between the buyer and the seller when the buyer has paid the payment to his bank account or to the cashier of the goods.

Prices and VAT
Our prices include, without exception, the value added tax (VAT).
Shipping costs depend on the exact location of your shipment and the size of your order.
Prices of our products may vary due to market and other conditions and circumstances.
If a defective price is indicated in addition to the product, in particular if it is manifestly incorrect, a price significantly different from the well-known, generally accepted or estimated price of the product, the seller is not obliged to Sold at a defective price. In this case, seller will promptly inform the buyer of the mistake and the correct price of the product. In this light, buyer may withdraw from his intention to purchase.

Payment by credit card
Payment is made on the enclosed secure banking platform provided by CardNet and SixPayment with MasterCard and Visa debit cards. Electronic money flows in the process are carried out in an encrypted manner between buyer and the bank, in which any inspection and control of the seller is completely excluded. This makes payment with a credit card a completely safe and comfortable option.

Payment by bank Transfer
Customer may also resolve the payment by classic bank transfer in prepay form. Upon receipt of the price of the selected product on the seller’s bank account, buyer may take the price immediately or deliver it at his request. If, after ordering, the price of the product is not received within 3 working days, the seller will take the order for sale.
Please provide an unconditional indication of the ordered item name, code number or order number so that you can identify it as quickly as possible.

When you pay with a credit card, the price of the product will immediately appear on the seller’s bank account, whereby delivery will be quicker.
In the case of a bank transfer, it may take a day or two to move the money between the banks and the seller so that the delivery can increase.

Payment in cash
The customer has the possibility to pay the order in person at the seller’s store in Budapest. In this case, buyer can immediately pick up the selected product or, upon request, deliver it to the desired address.

Certificate of Authenticity
The seller issues a Certificate of Authenticity, which is delivered to customers in person, and is accompanied by products on delivery. The seller guarantees, in the Certificate of Authenticity, the most important parameters of the product, such as the origin, hand-knotted (hand-woven), knotness, which parameters are the same as those found on the seller’s website.

The customer has the option to ship the ordered items from our Budapest shop shop or to deliver them to the address provided by the seller’s partner company.
Delivery is made to the address specified by the customer.
The carrier’s partner company will specify in the customer’s mobile number the expected time of delivery of the shipment.

Shipping costs depend on the exact location of your shipment and the size of your order.

Partner Transport Company Details:
Name: DB Schenker International forwarding and Logistics Ltd.
Address: 1239 Budapest Europe U. 5.
Telephone Number: + 36 1 278 7878

14-Day right of withdrawal
Buyer has a right of withdrawal 14 days from the date of receipt of the product. Based on this, buyer may withdraw from the purchase of the product without justification.
Buyer’s obligation in this case: the product purchased and received shall be returned to seller in an unused and completely flawless state, in a package corresponding to the original packaging. The customer is charged for returning the product to the seller.
Seller’s OBLIGATION: refund the price of the product returned within 30 days to buyer if buyer returns the previously purchased product to the seller within the time limit specified above and in the quality.

We reserve the right to change prices!
Dear Customers! Please note that we cannot accept liability for any misspelling on this site. Please check with your courier if you are notified by phone. Our prices can be updated in the meantime, the website data is informative.

Thank you for your understanding.

Seller makes a warranty for your purchased products. The warranty is valid for 1 year from the date of receipt of the product.
If damage to the product has occurred due to improper use or improper handling (interference), seller may refuse to enforce the warranty. The seller will also seek the advice of an independent expert in determining the cause of the damage.
When the warranty is enforced, the shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

Returning the product
The buyer may also provide the seller with a verbal (telephone), postal and e-mail.
The product purchased and received must be returned to the seller in an unused and completely flawless condition, in the packaging corresponding to the original packaging.
The buyer is solely charged for returning the product to the seller.
If buyer has not used the product as intended, the seller may claim damages for any defect in the product due to depreciation.

Damage incurred during transport
The seller’s obligation to take over the delivery of the product and to check for any damage during transportation (when transporting the goods by the seller). The injuries detected shall be entered on the delivery note, dated and signed by the date of receipt and shall be immediately indicated to the seller upon receipt of the package.

Packets Not taken
For products ordered but not transferred, or if the buyer is not available in spite of multiple delivery attempts and the ordered product returns to seller, 10.000 HUF administration fee is charged.

Higher-value Orders
In the case of a larger order (value), we make a personalized offer.

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