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The Kabiri carpeted House welcomes you, whether you would buy a unique piece or resuspate it.

The main purpose of the Kabiri carpet House is to be able to choose its investigators, customer satisfaction and, where appropriate, family or work-based consensus, for the most important harmony of their home and work environment. Our carpets and other products.

To this end, if you are unable to decide between some of the carpets selected in the shop, we will provide you with a home-work environment without the possibility of a free delivery and all other charges.

Ask for our free service!

Free parking is available in front of the store.

Carpets purchased in the Kabiri Carpet House are supplied with professional and fast delivery, free of charge to the location indicated by our customers. If you order a cleaning of carpets in the Kabiri carpet House, your carpets are delivered free of charge from door to door.

Professionalism and Guarantee!

We guarantee quick and professional cleaning of hand-knotted and woven carpets and machine-made mats at a reasonable price. For the convenience of our customers, they are shipped free of charge and returned after cleaning.

In our carpet cleaning technology, the handicrafts acquired in Afghanistan have been combined with cutting-edge, mechanised procedures, based on decades of experience.

With the help of the Kabiri carpet House, unfortunately, in recent years, a number of hand-knotted, uncleaned, semi-or completely ruined, corrugated carpets have been introduced into our shop, which are exclusively due to a unique process been restored.

Some non-savvy workshops are not always able to take into account the uniqueness of these handicrafts, so that the carpet can be used for colouring or even which can be adversely affected by the raw material.

We would be overly biparted if we were to propose to clean carpets only in the Kabiri carpet House. But in any case, we advise you to entrust this task to a place where you have a full guarantee of the product, because you are likely to understand their stuff.

The Kabiri carpeted House is fully compensated for any errors that cannot be calculated.

Carpet repair at competitive prices with short deadline and guarantee! We undertake the proper repair and restoration of hand-knotted and machine-made carpets. In the restoration of damaged hand-made carpets, the most careful is to choose the necessary and appropriate knotting or weaving techniques and materials. Thus, if the necessary conditions are present, it can be “cast” back on its damaged carpet even in its original condition.

We want to be an almost unique service to our customers who count on their old, usable, but unsold carpets when buying a new hand-made rug in the Kabiri carpet house! We are also addressing the size problems: the larger carpet is smaller and the smaller carpet is replaced. This is the demand, choice and discretion of customers.

If you want to estimate your old Oriental carpet, please contact us by email or phone and our expert will make your valuations free of charge. If you are unable to deliver to the Kabiri carpet House, we will be able to supply you with your own free time agreement.

We guarantee the best choice for your taste not only with the free delivery of the carpets selected in our shop and the possibility of viewing at the home of our customers.

Our experts can also transfer your knowledge to all the general and special features of our hand-knotted or woven carpets, free of charge, for your home or work environment, whether it’s the mat’s material, colouring, The colour effects, the sample rate, the origin and the technique of its preparation.

Our expert, with this in mind, gives you advice on what kind of color, what kind of colour, and what size of carpet fits best on the scene. Based on the knowledge gained, we constantly renew our stocks with the utmost consideration of the needs of decorators, resellers and individuals.

We offer sales opportunities for our reference interior designers and decorators.

If those visiting the Kabiri carpet do not yet find the color and motif that they dreamed of, our hand-knotted carpets are also trying to fulfill their unique needs. Tell us by e-mail, what kind of carpet you want, and we’ll try to do it from our direct sources of supply, guaranteed at a favorable price, so that we can fulfill the needs of our customers.

Our exclusive, elegance-style hand-knotted carpets are rented on favorable conditions, with flexible handling of individual needs. We await the applications of institutions, cultural, event and conference centres, catering establishments, companies and private individuals. The Kabiri carpet can be delivered professionally and quickly free of charge to the carpets.

Dear Customers! Please note that we cannot accept liability for any misspelling on this site. Please check with your courier if you are notified by phone. Our prices can be updated in the meantime, the website data is informative.

Thank you for your understanding!

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