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Shipping Information

The prices quoted on our website and our products are gross prices and include VAT 27.


By submitting the order form to the customer and confirming it by the supplier, the 17/1999. (II. 5.) Korm. A contract between a distance under this regulation is established

On the one hand, Kabiri Ltd. (Head Office: 1122 Budapest, Krisztina Boulevard 11. 1. Em. 7. VAT Number: 12074578-2-43, Company Registration No: 01-09-463512) hereinafter referred to as “supplier”,

On the other hand, between the customer and buyer under the following conditions:

The supplier is obliged to deliver the product (s) selected by the buyer on the order and confirmed by the supplier to the shipping address indicated on the order, in the case of products in stock, within 3 working days. In the event that the order is obstructed for any reason, the Supplier shall promptly notify the customer via the email or telephone indicated on the order within 3 working days.

The customer is obliged to take over the products indicated in the order and delivered to the address specified by the supplier to the customer, and the information on the invoice issued by the supplier in the shipper’s The purchase price, including the packaging and transport costs of the products, in cash to the delivery person.

Buyer may withdraw without justification within 8 working days from the date of receipt of the product, but in this case it shall be obliged to return the product to the supplier for the exercise of the right of withdrawal in relation to the return of the product. Costs incurred. However, a supplier may demand compensation for all damage caused by improper use of the product. The supplier shall be obliged to reimburse the purchase price paid by the consumer without delay and, at the latest, within thirty days after the date of the waiver.

The supplier stores the customer’s data in order to fulfill the contract and to handle any objections with the transaction data and provide it to its subcontractors, who are not entitled to store them after the performance, or transferred to other third parties.

The Parties (depending on the jurisdiction) of the Hungarian Court of Justice have jurisdiction to adjudify on disputes.

Issues not covered by this regulation are governed by the Civil Code and the 17/1999 on distance agreements. (II. 5.) Korm. Regulations are governed by the rules of regulation.


Name of seller: Kabiri Kft.
Established in 1122 Budapest, Krisztina Boulevard 11. 1. Em. 7.
Tax Number: 12074578-2-43
Company Registration number: 01-09-463512
Registered: Budapest Court of Business Court
Bank account number: Raiffeisen Bank Rt. Xi. District Drawer 12011148-00187817-00100007
Data Protection Registration Number: NAIH-127218/2017
Represented by: Jamal Abdul Naser
Phone Number: 06 30/951-5019


Free of chargeinside Budapest!
For Rebuy in Hungary: 6 000 HUF

If you chose to make the advance payment, we kindly ask you to transfer the total amount of the invoice to your bank account with Raiffeisen Bank: 12011148-00187817-00100007. The package can only be given to the customer upon receipt of the invoice.

For orders over 500 000 HUF, the country shipping is free of charge!

How to buy Online:

To buy online, you do not need to register on the website, just select the product/products you want to buy and press the “Add to CART” icon. If you wish to purchase another product, repeat the procedure above. If you think you have completed your purchase, please click on the CHECKOUT button on the top right side of the website.

Then, the page that appears does not have the option to correct the contents of the basket.

To finalizing your purchase, please fill in the personal information on the order subpage.

In the other comments section, you can also enter other important information such as: at which date of the day The Courier will deliver the ordered product to that address, etc. After sending a successful order, you will receive a confirmation email within a maximum of 24 hours of the e-mail address provided during the purchase. The confirmation will include the ordered items and the gross amounts payable, along with the delivery fee.

We reserve the right to change prices!

Dear Customers! Please note that we cannot accept liability for any misspelling on this site. Please check with your courier if you are notified by phone. Our prices can be updated in the meantime, the website data is informative.

Thank you for your understanding.

Ordering, Delivery:

The seller will send a confirmation of the order received, including the exact specification of the product or products ordered and the price, customer details, invoicing and delivery address. If the confirmation contains erroneous data, the customer must indicate within 24 hours that it is possible to make corrections before dispatch.

If the ordered goods are not in stock, the seller notifies the expected delivery date of the product. The delivery of the ordered products is carried out nationally by Schenker DB. Delivery is expected within 1-3 business days. The courier visits the addressee between 8-18 hours, so it is necessary to provide a shipping address where the person entitled to take charge on working days is at the indicated time.

The transferee shall inspect the consignment at the time of receipt in the presence of the carrier and dissolve it in the event of damage detected on the outer packaging. A record of possible damage shall be recorded jointly with the carrier and the injury and damage reported without delay. The transferee shall take all reasonable measures to mitigate the damage.

If the delivery fails, the vendor leaves a notification and attempts to ship the package no more than two times. The purchase price and the delivery cost of the goods ordered and received are settled by cash. The amount of the trailer shall be handed over to the supplier’s representative in cash upon receipt of the goods. In the event of a delay in delivery or complete failure of the order, damages claims against Kabiri Kft. are not enforceable.

Warranty, Warranty:

The seller’s warranty and warranty liability is in the Civil Code of 151/2003. IX. 22.) Korm. Regulation 49/2003. (VII. 30) GKM regulation and 72/2005. (IV. 21) Gov. regulation. Warranty only applies to durable use items such as washing machine, computer, TV. The buyer has the right to complain if the product is defective. In such a case, immediately notify the company of its objections. Warranty period is 6 (six) months. The customer is provided with 2 (two) years of warranty claim. The customer may request the repair, replacement or reduction of the purchase price in the warranty claim. In case of defects caused by improper use, the warranty claim will not be enforced.


If the product received is demonstrably defective in production or damaged during transport, we will of course replace it free of charge. If it is not possible for this reason, the price paid will be refunded. The replacement of the commodity is possible only with the original packaging and the accompanying documents. In the case of products damaged during transport, please attach the supplier’s minutes, in which the service provider acknowledges that the package has been handed over. In the absence of a protocol, we cannot accept the complaint.

In case of normal use, in the event of a factory defect beyond 8 days, the defective product is repaired. If the product cannot be repaired within 14 days, the product will be replaced. In all cases, the price of the repaired or replacement product is borne by the customer, but the cost of returning the defective goods is the customer. If you have a special request or a problem, please contact our support team.

Privacy Policy:

Kabiri Kft, as Data controller, 1992 on the protection of personal data and publicity of data of public interest. Record and manage customer data in full compliance with the provisions of the LXIII Act. The Kabiri Ltd. Under no circumstances shall the personal data which he becomes aware of during the purchase be made available to other persons without the consent of the relevant explicit approval.

Right to withdraw from purchase:

The purchaser is entitled to withdraw from the purchase 24 hours after ordering, but not later than the commencement of delivery. You will be required to contact this email address at In this case, the customer is not charged any cost. The buyer may withdraw from the purchase within 8 working days from the date of receipt of the goods without justification. Your intention to withdraw is to be notified to the e-mail address at In the event of withdrawal from the purchase, Kabiri Ltd. Be obliged to reimburse the amount paid by the purchaser promptly, but not later than thirty days after the cancellation and return of the goods.

The refund shall apply to the delivery costs, except for the return of the products. If the product is used, the Kabiri Ltd. Compensation for the total damage caused by misuse of the product. -In some cases, the right of withdrawal is not granted to the purchaser: it is completely unique in the case of a product specifically made at the purchaser’s request.

Limitation of Liability:

Buying on the website assumes the customer’s knowledge and acceptance of the Internet’s opportunities and limitations, in particular technical performance and any errors that arise.

Our company is not responsible in any way for the following, in any way:

  • Any data sent or received on the Internet
  • Any malfunction on the network, which prevents the normal operation of our website and the purchase
  • Communication devices or line failures
  • Loss of any email or data
  • Improper operation of any software
  • Consequences of any bug, abnormal event or technical failure.

Our company cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the connection to the store.

The buyer is solely responsible for the connection to the website and for the purchase on the Web page. It is the customer’s responsibility to assess how the data stored on your computer can be protected from intrellers.

Our company may change the terms of purchase at any time without notice, modify any price or deadline without any constraints. The change will take effect from the date it was published on the webpage. Our company is free to declare your order to anyone who violates the rules in any form. The buyer is not entitled to appeal against the decision.

Other provisions:

The pictures and texts on the website are from Kabiri Kft. Intellectual property. All or part of their public use is limited to those of Kabiri Kft. by written authority. Unauthorized use entails legal consequences!

Current legislation on online sales: 17/1999. (II. 5.) Gov. Regulation

Central contact, customer service, ordering information:

Phone Number: 06 30/951-5019

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